When To Transition From Diapers To Training Pants

When To Transition From Diapers To Training Pants

Transitioning your child from diapers to training pants is a fundamental step in the potty-training process. It can be difficult to determine when that transition should take place for your child since every child is different. However, there are some indicators that can help you determine when that transition should occur.  

Your child starts to show interest in toileting and staying dry.

When your child starts to show interest in using the toilet, this is a good indicator that they might be ready to transition into training pants. Signs might include showing more interest in using a toilet/potty seat, staying dry for longer periods of time and/ or being aware that they are able to use a toilet/potty seat themselves. As they grow, their curiosity and learning abilities become more developed which leads them to want to copy your behaviors and actions.

Your child is showing increased independence.

Along with growing older, they also gain more independence, which is also a great point in their development to transition them from diapers to training pants. Some signs of independence include being able to help themselves dress & undress, communicating when they need their diaper changed and verbally communicating when they need to go to the bathroom. Demonstrating their independence is a necessary step in initiating the transition to training pants and potty training overall.

What are the Benefits of Training Pants?

Training pants are a good transitional solution between the stages of your child being in diapers to being fully potty trained. Training pants offer:

  • Smoother transition. For a child, going from diapers to underwear can be a big transition that comes with a lot of pressure. Switching abruptly rushes the process, making it more intimidating and stressful for the child. Training pants allow your child to slowly understand that this is the next step in “becoming a big kid” and alleviates the pressure of potty training. Your child will still be comfortable while learning how to avoid accidents, become used to taking the training pants on and off, and build anticipation to moving into the next step of wearing real underwear. Training pants help create a smooth transition from your child wearing diapers to them eventually wearing underwear.
  • Teaches Confidence and Independence. Training pants can help your child develop more confidence and independence. By letting your little one put their training pants on themselves, this teaches them independence and prepares them for wearing underwear once they are fully potty trained.


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