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Our story

Nobody knows babies and children better than mom and dad, so we asked parents what’s most important when choosing diapers, training pants, and youth pants. We learned that parents want absorbent products that prevent leaks, materials that are soft and gentle on skin, a snug fit at every stage of growth, and a natural fit to increase comfort. Comfees was developed to address these important needs.

We offer traditional diapers, pull-on style training pants in boys and girls designs, and discreet pull-on youth pants for extra protection. Our diapers go as small as size newborn and our largest pull-on youth pant covers kids up to 125+ lbs. We’ve developed our different product types to focus on what’s most important to kids at each stage in life. Our diapers have extra-strength fasteners and are free from harsh chemicals. Our training pants have a wetness indicator and tear-away sides to help with potty training. Our youth pants are extra soft and designed to be worn either at night or discreetly under clothing.

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Whats important to Moms

Absorbancy & wetness protectionAbsorbancy & wetness protectionAbsorbancy & wetness protection
Total fit systemTotal fit systemTotal fit system
Soft and hypoallergenic linerSoft and hypoallergenic linerSoft and hypoallergenic liner

Absorbancy & wetness protection

Total fit system

Soft and hypoallergenic liner

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Our community partners

Comfees is a proud sponsor of Spina Bifida Association of America (SBAA) and the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC). Comfees works in partnership with SBAA and NDSC to develop products which help to address the unique concerns and requirements of those individuals with differing abilities. We also work closely with diaper banks and other charitable organizations to help families in need.

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